Donald Trump – The “Not My Fault” President

Each day we are treated to more and more news about the rising number of bigoted, racist, misogynistic, anti-semitic incidents around our country. Various special interest groups make their regular exclamations that our new president, Donald Trump, should speak out against these events. But no matter how many carefully crafted Presidential Statements he reads, it won’t fix the real problem. Because the real problem is another of Donald Trump’s attributes that he will never fix: His refusal to take the blame for things.

Don’t Look At Me – It’s Not My Fault

For as long as there have been human beings in social groups, there have been individuals who never accept responsibility for their own situation. We all know the type. The total loser that never faced up to the fact that his condition is due to his own failings. He sits around, mostly in bars, filling the air with his non-stop diatribe about how the world done him wrong. Nothing is ever his fault. As a result he never succeeds at anything. He is a loser from the word go.

Often this type will gravitate to some group formed for the purpose of assigning blame to others. Groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazis or ISIS, or most any radical extremist group that exists only to blame some other person or group of people for the ills of the world. It’s never that the other group is truly to blame, they just make a handy scapegoat for the extremist group to blame.

The Buck Stops Here

For most of America’s recent history these groups have been forced to stay in the shadows because we have been a people of Responsibility. We have said such things as “The Buck Stops Here” or “Give it to us and we will fix it.” This national attitude has made us the world leader. The weak or unfortunate have seen us as a pillar of strength and fortitude that they could rely on in times of need. We earned our place in the lead because we stepped up and took on the challenges ahead of us. We didn’t wince. We didn’t whine. And we damn sure didn’t blame others. We just grabbed hold of what was wrong and made it right.

And then we elected Donald Trump.

Finger Pointing and Blame Shifting

Donald Trump has never in his entire life said “That’s my fault. I’ll fix it.” He has made a fortune by blaming others and making them pay for it. As Bill Maher recently quipped “The three words Donald Trump will never say are ‘I stand corrected'”. This combination of blaming others and apparent success have suddenly emboldened the losers in our country to rise up. They have started gaining in visibility and boldness because “If Trump can do it, so can I”. And that’s a bad thing.

Our national reputation has suffered as the world sees us now not only shrinking from responsibility but outright blaming others for the ills of the world. Instead of being the country that would and could fix almost any problem, we are now the country that blames everyone and everything else for the ills that befall us all. It is not only shameful, it is embarrassing. And it will ultimately make us less than great, less than successful and less than the leader of the world we have been before.

To be blunt. Donald Trump and his refusal to accept responsibility is doing the exact opposite of what he claims. He is not “Making American Great Again”, he is making us the saddest excuse for a country on the planet.

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